I’m a triathlete, chef and student pursuing a degree in Supply Chain Management from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  After spending 10 years as a chef, I have a great passion for cooking sustainably and developing creative, healthy, and delicious recipes. I like to source as locally as possible, and often as local as my own garden. Now that I am a competitive athlete again it only makes sense to pair these parts of my life together.  I am a strong advocate for sustainable resources whether it be in food sourcing or energy. In the spirit of this I also support many business with a strong mind for sustainable sourcing and production.

Looking to the future I intend to do my part in building sustainable food systems that are approachable and applicable for any individual. I believe that food is a very personal thing that brings not only sustenance and nourishment, but also great joy and a sense of community. Food also impacts our world through energy and resources utilizes to produce it. The more conscious we are about the methods and the impact they have based on Scientific information the better we can conserve and use them sustainably. From seed to rind, if we can find a way to be more efficient and in the end reduce waste of resources and products, together we can create change.

It’s better to ask more questions and work to get the real answer than to settle for what’s given on the surface.

This is a forum to share information that I gather base on factual data to help pursue sustainable options of living. I attempt to remain as unbiased to allow there to be a conversation regarding sensitive topics that is not heavily polarized.

Let’s start a conversation.


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