In the land where cereal takes too much effort…



If this sounds to you like the opening to an ironic dystopian comedy, I’m with you! Apparently, the act of procuring milk, cereal, a bowl, and spoon is so strenuous we’ve succumbed to a culture of convenience I never thought I’d see. Of course we’re all likely familiar with the morning scene of running late with little or no time to eat “the most important meal of the day”, so instead, it’s a cup of shitty (Keurig) coffee and a Clif bar to suffice. I’m not completely removed from this scenario but have taken care to avoid it at all costs. (If you keep reading I’ll show you how you can fry an egg in the time it takes to scroll Instagram for 5 minutes :))

To be clear I don’t live a charmed life with a personal chef/barista/butler service, although what I have done is made my priorities clear. To be brutally honest, the time it takes to fry an egg or even scramble a few is likely half of what it takes to pull through the drive-thru and grab a breakfast burrito. Then why does it seem so tedious and time-consuming to actually accomplish this?

It’s probably because you’re doing one of three things instead:

  1. Wasting time trying to minimize the time spent doing something so simple you could be eating the fruits of your labor instead of micromanaging yourself.
  2. You can’t put your phone down long enough to focus on something that isn’t already, quite literally hand to mouth.
  3. You simply don’t know how to cook.

Now to be clear none of these are judgements…well that’s not entirely true, the first two most certainly are judging your priorities and time management skills. The third is a reality that unfortunately is all too common in this first world country we live in. Perhaps this is why we rationalize ‘carb-loading’ with smoothies, muffins, scones, and a various assortment of other marginally unhealthy ways to start the day because they’re convenient. If this is the train of thought we’re all sacrificing our health for and then complaining that we don’t feel good, then it’s time to make a change.

One day of making time to take care of ourselves and start a pattern to better things to come. Finding joy in a cup of coffee freshly brewed, with fried eggs is easy to do if you give the time and allow yourself this opportunity. You can say you’re not a morning person and I can relate, but to be honest, that’s only because you suck at mornings! Like anything in life, you can get better at something with focused effort and time. So why not treat yourself well and not with a glazed office donut? Then see how your days begin to start feeling more full and balanced, not out of convenience but care.



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