2018: The year of replacing impulse with Endurance

New Year  Day, New You

Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare.” -Angela Duckworth

Every day we wake up with the opportunity to make life-changing decisions, within our lives and those of others. Setting resolutions or yearly goals is a  common theme this time of year, giving order and a form of comfort to the unknown of the future. Realistically, many of these will fall by the wayside as the weeks roll on and will be postponed until next January. It may be a result of lacking discipline or even a genuine desire to attain that goal, but damn it sure felt good to write it down.

We live today in a world driven by stimuli that play to our impulse. When you’re constantly connected to your friends and acquaintances through a plethora of channels, it’s easy to feed that impulse subconsciously. The real question is what is at stake that is losing priority to these impulses?

Part of the enthusiasm for the New Year is drawn from the same feelings of enthusiasm you get by feeding these impulses to check your social media likes, or scroll the latest world “news”. But, enthusiasm seems to fade all too easily without endurance.  Endurance isn’t built upon a single moment, instead, a large collection of moments focused on a single goal or set of outcomes. So it may seem contradictory to each day focus on a new you instead of on an annual basis, but the reality is to attain any longterm goal you have to practice daily focus to build the endurance needed to succeed.

Whether your goals are food-based, lifestyle, habit, or health changes it’s absolutely necessary to build endurance through accountability. Finding others or a community with common beliefs and goals is a great start to ensure success. Resilience is one of my favorite human qualities and we are so inherently! It is eclipsed only by the ability to endure growth, and the two paired together with consistent effort will allow you to reap benefits or celebrate success you had never previously thought possible.

One of my resolutions for this year is to write daily, to communicate my journey and also share perspective to spark conversations. Much of it I will hopefully share through here in a very honest way and today I’m breaking that seal. The experience each one of us holds in our life can be incredibly instrumental in motivating or supporting others, but without sharing we may never know or make those connections.


To hold myself accountable for my own practice, here are my goals and resolutions for the year. Some of them seem outrageous even to me now, although those are the ones I hope to achieve and the rest will align as well! Happy New Year, and live every day with renewed focus, graces, and grit!


  • Maintain a routine of 3 meals a day.
  • Spend one hour every morning for coffee, writing, meditation, prayer, reflection
  • Communicate openly with honesty in all life settings
  • Celebrate successes and milestones with gratitude
  • Set a 50K in February
  • Place AG top 20 in Raleigh 70.3
  • Finish Ironman Wisconsin Sub-12 hours
  • Create experiences or meals for 50 new people with Marrow
  • Yoga every damn day!
  • 15 minutes of playing music when not traveling
  • 20 minutes of journaling every day
  • Once a week have coffee with someone to share
  • Blog post twice a week
  • Read essentialism again and review ideal week, weekly
  • No screens an hour before bed
  • Build a budget and review weekly




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