Destination: Chicago Transamerica Triathlon; Motivation: Life


A year ago, after completing my first triathlon, I set my sights on this race. I was hooked on the sport and Chicago is one of my favorite destinations. Considering these two facts and the incredible reputation and magnitude of this race it was an obvious choice. 

The winter was full of training and overcoming obstacles; both physical and mental. Living in Nebraska though it was the perfect release and motivation to endure the Midwestern Tundra. With 2 triathlons under my belt this year and a growing drive to compete, it’s still almost surreal that it’s here. 

Since registering in April it always seemed fairly distant but kept me motivated to reach that goal in August. The incredible support from family and friends near and far, old and new has been humbling. On that note, I tend to agree when people say it takes a little crazy to begin an endeavor like this and initiate change, but I think that’s just the activator in me. 

My hope in doing this has turned from improving myself to include inspiring others to do the same. It can be very daunting to take change head on in life, and you’re never truly done improving. But that’s also an enticing opportunity to continue pushing yourself each day. So to take that first step and the one after is the best way to start. The fear of stumbling is always there, but it becomes apparent how big your support Team really is in times like that. 

So as I hit the road I’ll leave these final thoughts:

  • Take on something huge, the results will be tenfold 
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out and connect.
  • When in doubt, Dig Deep. It’s amazing what you can find within yourself 

Stay tuned for a recap of the weekend and other conversations next week! 

Also keep an eye on my other social mediums for check-ins on Chicago, the race experience, and food!


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  1. Chicago runner here! Have a great weekend, enjoy the city!

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    1. Tom C. says:

      Nice to meet you, and thank you! I really enjoy Chicago, although this is my first race it certainly won’t be my last!

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      1. Nice to meet you too!

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