Starting a change!

As a cyclist, sustainable transportation comes pretty naturally, and is a great way to actually enjoy the morning commute. But I’ll be the first to admit when the weather takes a turn, it takes a little self motivation not to succumb to the ease of starting my SUV and getting a morning dose of warmth and comfort. This is the pattern many of us have grown up with – opting for the immediately gratifying or comfortable option in the short term without considering the real impact of our choice.

As a chef when I think about food sourcing or the activity more commonly known as grocery shopping, it’s easy to opt for this choice as well. Fortunately there are many options that are more sustainable and enjoyable that will also support your local community and economy. Farmer’s markets are the most accessible option in most cities where you have the ability to buy fresh local food to base a healthy diet off of. The argument is all too often made that sustainability is simply too inconvenient or out of reach.  What is more convenient than buying produce for the week at your local farmer’s market? This is also a great choice towards sustainability through portion control and reducing food waste.

Here’s a great guide to help get started:

The Principles of Healthy and Sustainable Eating Patterns  (courtesy of Global Food Security )

If the unsustainable choice seems to be the easiest and most comfortable option, what’s the point in considering anything else? While that’s a question that seems to be  simply ingrained in our culture, the answer itself is not so simple. Or is it? It’s because It makes a difference. Every opportunity you take advantage of to think, act and live sustainably makes a difference, not only through the direct impact of your choice, but also through the influence of change it could have on someone else.

Let’s start there and move forward together! I’m excited to share information and recipes to help work together towards sustainability.


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